Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Start your engines

Woke up early this morning so that I could go to the RE. I am not really a morning person so doing this is a huge step for me. It is CD3 and that means time for the blood work and ultrasound and wait for the nurse to call me back. Apparently the lab and my nurse rock!!! Nurse D called me at 11:45 am with the great news that all looks good. So now, provided my box of medication arrives today like the pharmacy promises I will start the meds. The plan is Clomid CD3-7 then Bravelle on CD9 then back for another ulrasound and blood work on CD11 (May23rd). At that appointment they will see how things look and see if I can trigger  that night or if I need to wait for a little more growth. So it looks like it is time to start my engines, or in this case my ovaries.