Thursday, June 21, 2012

That Was........

So after I got the official call from my nurse, all systems were a go for triggering Wednesday night. Slight problem, hubby was working and wouldn't be there to give me the shot. At this point in my journey I haven't had to give myself an injection. Would I be able to do it? Would it hurt?
I am by no means afraid of needles, but I always look the other way whenever someone sticks me. It stems back from when I was younger and had surgery on my foot. They had me all numbed up and in a twilight state and I could feel no pain.......until I looked down and saw blood. That was the point that I knew if there was blood it had to hurt. So since then I always just turn my head and let them do their magic with the needle. But this time it was my turn. I had to do the magic with the needle. So how was I going to give the injection and look the other way so that it wouldn't hurt? Not really an option to look the other way when you are jabbing yourself with a needle. So after getting everything preped in the bathroom: Sharps container, needle and alcohol prep.

So I took a deep breath and washed my hands. Used the alcohol prep to get the site ready. Got the air out of the needle, pinched the skin together and quick little jab. In the needle went and OMG!!!! That Was Easy!!! I could totally do that again if I had to....Now I just hope that I don't need to do it again. I guess I will find out in two weeks.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Early Start

My monitoring appointments are always so early. If you know me by now, you know I am not really a morning person. I make an exception to this whole morning person thing on days that I need to go to the RE. I get up an hour before my normal alarm time in order to get there for the first appointment so that I can get in and out quickly and then to work and maybe even get a few extra minutes on the clock (gotta love OT). Anyway, The monitoring appointment is done. She measured 6 follies total. 3 on left and 3 on right. I have one at 24mm and another at 18mm (both on my right) all the others are between 13-16mm. She did not give me any info about my lining so I guess that is good.
I did get caught a little off guard when the head nurse brought me back to go over my trigger instructions and said "Wow, your body just does what's it's supposed to and you are in and out". Well head nurse, if that was really the case wouldn't I be pregnant already???? I mean I get what she is saying that my body is responding well to the medication but clearly so far it is not doing what it is "SUPPOSED" to be doing.They gave me my trigger instructions and I trigger tonight provided my bloodwork comes back good. So now I just wait for Nurse D to call me and tell me all looks good. Next step IUI on Friday morning, then off on vacation for the next week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Date Night

With his work being a little crazy lately it has been hard to have a quite night at home with the hubby. I was excited for Monday night because it was going to be a very low key night for us. I got off work at the normal time and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. I made a new dish, it was Chorizo Sausage with a sweet potato hash (sweet potatoes, red onion, bell pepper and fennel all oven roasted). Dinner was in the oven when DH got home so that gave us a little bit of time to relax before we ate. I thought about setting the table with candles and having a romantic night in but my head was pounding and all I wanted to do was take a nap. I had to get the table set before he walked in the door because it was injection night. I know I could totally do the injections by myself but I rather he do them so he is more a part of the whole process. So here is how I set up the table for him before he got home.

After the injection and dinner we relaxed on the couch. We both have a serious sweet tooth that was wanting something so I whipped up some instant chocolate pudding with graham crackers, strawberries, chocolate chips and whipped cream. Yummy!!! A soon as we finished dinner I got a text message that there was a commercial building fire in our area so it was time to jump into action. For those of you who may not know DH and I both volunteer at our local firehouse (FH). We hopped in the truck and raced to the FH. Hubby was on the first Engine out and I was on the Rescue. It turned out that it was nothing just a power surge and a lot of smoke in the building. It was fun to get out and play for a little bit. It always seems like whenever DH and I have a low key date night around the island we always end up getting something good. 

That's a picture of us after we cleaned up while we were waiting for the power company to get there. Just another crazy date night for us on the island.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Update

What a great weekend!!! Poor hubby had to work each day in Baltimore at the Sailabrations Festivities so he forced me to leave my bubble. I'm not the kind of girl who goes out that often and if I do I normally stay pretty close to home. Well DH convinced me to leave my bubble on Saturday and head up to see one of my best friends. Samantha lives in the B-more area so the plan was for me to go up and hang out with her all day and then once the hubby gets off work to join us out for dinner and drinks. I got to Samantha's house around 2:30pm and we were both starving so we went for a walk and ended up in the Canton Square for food and drinks. Super Bonus was that we got to eat outside and see the Blue Angels show. It made for a great afternoon. Hubby got off work around 7pm and we decided to stay in the square and have dinner. Super Bonus for dinner was that we also got to sit outside and watch the fireworks show. Amazing day all around!!!
I didn't feel like driving home so I just went home with DH and then he dropped me back off in the city at Samantha's house the next morning. Two days in a row with one of my besties, does it get any better than this?? We went out for brunch and then went to visit the Navy ships. Here is a picture of Samantha and I in front of the USS Donald Cook (DDG 75). This is the same type of ship that I was on when I was in the Navy. It kind of made me miss those days.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just another day

Well there is not a lot going on here. Just another day in the life of me. Just living the dream, as I always say. I figured I would drop in to give you all a little update on me and things that are going on. I have taken Clomid for the past 3 night, I have 2 more nights of it left. ::::Knocking on Wood:::: I have had no side effects from it so I am happy about that. I just hope that it is doing it's job. The hubby has been working his butt off and I haven't seen him for days. He will be home tonight so I am so excited to see him and have a low key night at home.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It's CD3 so you know what that means, another trip to the RE office. I always go for the first available appointment time which is 7:15am that way I can get in and out of there and get to work a little early with the hopes of getting a few extra minutes at work and some OT for the week. Today's appointment was pretty much the same as all the others. They did not draw blood today because I had a negative pregnancy test on Friday (I guess they checked other things that day too). Anyway into the exam room I went for my early morning date with the vagcam. The ultrasound tech said my ovaries looked great. I was a little scared because a friend of mine had cysts after her first Clomid cycle, thankfully that was not the case with me. After I was done with the ultrasound I went and met with the on call nurse and she gave me my calendar for this cycle. Everything is exactlly the same as last cycle, even the cycle days are the same day of the week as last cycle. Clomid days 3-7, Bravelle on day 9 and follow up appointment on day 11. Total case of dejavu, I just hope the end result is not the same. I am looking for that hope and that light at the end of the tunnel.

In other news I am excited to say that my best friend is currently in the hospital getting ready to deliver her twins. K&J I wish we lived closer so that I could be there to help with whatever you need and to meet those two babies. Good Luck today I am sending thoughts and prayers your way!!! And any of you readers out there if you could send thoughts and prayers there way I am sure they would appreciate it. Thanks!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's try this again.....

Let's go back in time a few days..... Friday morning I woke up extra early because I had a 7:30 am appointment at the RE for my Beta draw. This is the test that will tell me how my cycle went. Great Success or Epic Failure. Well at 11:38am Nurse D called me to tell me the results. I love that she is so quick with results but just sometimes I wish she would call me to tell me something good. She called me and told me that I am NOT PREGNANT. UGH!!!! So Cycle #18 and IUI#1 was a failure.

I took the news pretty hard and ended up having to leave work early because I wasn't doing a lot at my desk except for snot crying. I got home and hugged my hubby which I really needed. There was a lot more off and on crying for the rest of the day, so much so that I ended up giving myself the worlds worst headache. So after a few Tylenol and a Margarita I decided that I should just put myself to bed early and hope that when I wake up it will be a completely fresh new start. 8:30pm I was out like a light and didn't even wake for the next 12 hours. What a refreshing rest!!! Ready to start this all over again. CD1 arrived on Sunday so on Tuesday I will wake up early and head back into the RE for my baseline appointment. So we are ready to try this all over again. Now I just hope that it works this time. So let's try this again.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello there

Since Saturday morning I have been receiving daily visit from a new friend. You might ask who this is, well it it this strange white bird. I guess to be more clear I believe it is an albino bird. The hubby calls him the fertility bird, I hope that is what he is and why he has chosen to come visit me. Tonight after work I was able to get a picture of him, so here he is.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Update

What a great weekend! I got off of work on Friday at the usual time and went home. It was hubby's shift so he would be working all night and that would leave me home alone with the puppies. I decided that this would be a great chance for me to finally finish my book "Skinny Dipping" by Bethenny Frankel. In my opinion the book was okay. It was an easy enough read but I never felt like the book pulled me in to the point that I had to read to find out what was going to happen next. I probably would have never picked this book to read except for the fact that the ladies on The Bump were reading it for the book club and I was so into the first book that they selected I figured I would try the second book too, since I really am trying to get into this whole reading thing.

Saturday morning I woke up at about 7:40am and finished the last few pages from my book since I feel asleep with my kindle in hand. After I was done with the book I went to let the dogs out and then started to clean up the kitchen while I waited for hubby to get home. While I was doing the few dishes from the night before I happened to look out the window and noticed and albino bird. I thought it was weird and then dismissed it as soon as DH walked in the door. He brought home some yummy sticky buns from a new local bakery. We noshed on breakfast and then went for a walk around the neighborhood. After the walk we made a run to the dump to get rid of our trash and then came home to get cleaned up for our day out. We went up to Northern Baltimore to our friends daughter's 4th birthday party. We had a great time just hanging out for a few hours and watching all the kids play. After the party was over we decided to run a few errands on our way home. One errand turned into walking all over Ikea and then off to another store for more of the same. We realized that it was getting late and we should probably stop for something to eat. So as luck would have it the weather was nice out so we decided to head back to the Shore and eat outside at Bridges.

Sunday we opted to not go for a walk and instead get straight to working on the house. I did some much needed cleaning while DH finished up the sanding of the drywall. Once I was one with cleaning both the bathrooms I came in to help DH so we could get some serious progress on our new laundry/storage room. He handed me a roller and I began to paint primer over all the walls while he cut in around the room. After the coat of primer was on the wall we took a trip to Lowe's so that we could pick up the actual paint color for the room and all the trim needed to finish the room off. We got the first coat of paint applied and then decided that we had completed enough work for the day and so we should celebrate with a candle light dinner Eastern Shore style.
Well that was the weekend for us. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, June 1, 2012


As I sit at work ending another week I realize that I have hit my maximum work output for the day so I have decided to do a little bloggy post for my peeps... All two of you. LOL (All you dirty lurkers please feel free to join and follow my crazy journey).
So here I am one week down, in my two week wait. In 7 days I will know the results of our IUI (maybe sooner). I am excited and nervous (I seem to get this way about a lot of things). Anyway I have been looking around the message board and talking to some of my friends who have been lucky enough to get a BFP trying to find out when I might be able to see a realistic BFP of my own (of course I know that is only if this IUI worked and deep in my heart I feel like it did)........:::Enters crazy me::: On Wednesday night which was 5DPO, I POAS to see if the trigger was gone. Well it was, no sign of a second line. So now that means that if I see a second line it is for real. So again back to wondering when would I see a 2nd line??? One of the earliest 2nd line sighting was from my dear friend Katie read her blog post about it here. So does her post mean I should start peeing on sticks tomorrow????
That's crazy, right??? If your out there please talk me off the ledge.