Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Funday

After a crazy busy Saturday full of fundraisers, Cash Bash for KIVFD from 7am-6pm a little nap and then out to Operation Care and Comfort at the bar that hubby and I met at from 8pm-11pm. We tucked ourselves in bed and prepared for our Sunday Funday. Sunday was IUI#5, because it fell on a weekend we had to go to the main offices for Shady Grove in Rockville. That is about an hour and half away from our house so we figured we would make it a Sunday Funday.
We woke up around 7am got showered and dressed (In our Ravens gear of course, because it was game day). Out the door by 8:30am and made the trek to Rockville. We got there in time for the hubby's 10am drop off time so he went and did his thing and then we had to wait until 11:30am for my appointment. We decided that since we had so much time to kill we would head over to Starbucks and grab a drink and do some reading.
11:30am rolled around and it was so show time. I went in for IUI#5, the duty RE came in the exam room and introduced himself and we went over all the paperwork. Hubby's count was good, they want anything above 5mil and we were at 7.5mil so we were happy with that. As the RE prepared to work his magic I asked him to please not hurt me like the last Dr did. I explained to him about the clotting that I had after the last procedure and he was a little shocked. He really took his time. I think this IUI actually took 4 or 5 times longer than the prevouis IUI's but I am really okay with that. I feel so confident that he actually got the cath in the best position and was so gentle with me. The nurse that was in the room was awesome too. She helped take my mind off of things. We actually talked about how her first child was the product of IUI#6.
After the IUI was done we had planned to go over to BD's Mongolian Grill, just like we did after IUI#1, when we arrived we found out that it had closed down so we had to come up with a different idea. We decided to head back towards home and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, it was my first time there and I loved it!!! After we filled out bellies with some amazing food we went home and took a nap.
After a quick siesta we started working on the house. We got all the baseboard trim finished in both the bedrooms. After that was done we moved the remaining furniture back into the rooms. It really looks so good. Nigel thought it looked so good while I was painting the trim that he needed to get a closer look and with that he ended up with a white skunk stripe down his back. Poor little guy.

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