Friday, September 14, 2012

Let's go racing

My monitoring appointment went well. My lining is at 11.5mm and I have some follicles that are growing. Right side was a little sleepy this month, which is weird for me as I have really only ever had measurable follicles on my right side for the past 4 IUI's. So right side follie was only measuring at 12.4mm. Lefty was slightly awake for the party. They measured 3 follies 26.1mm, 14.7mm and 13.8mm. I know it only takes 1 so I am hoping that the 26.1mm follicle is the one that will do the trick. I am hoping for some little NASCAR spermies that want to go fast and go left. IUI will be on Sunday, and since it is a weekend we will have to go to Shady Grove's main office in Rockville, so the hubby will not get to do his sample at home. I am secretly happy about this because the one time that he did his sample at the office was the time with the highest count. I am also happy about doing the IUI on Sunday because that will mean we get to have a Sunday Funday. Just me and the hubby. Our calendar is all blocked off so we get to do what ever we want. Right now the only thing on the calendar is "Baby Making Day!!!!" you gotta love my hubby for putting that on there.

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  1. :-) your hubby cracks me up. Tell his gentlemen to start their engines.