Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another day in the life

So yesterday I got my hair done. It was awesome!!! Way back in April I attended a charity event and won in the silent auction a hair cut and full highlights. I figured since NYC, My Birthday and The Cruise are all coming up I should treat myself and get my hair did. I got blonde and red highlights and had an inch trimmed. I LOVE IT!!!!! What do you think?

After I left the salon I figured since I was in the neighborhood of my old roomie I would give her a call and see if she wanted to have a glass of wine or something. Well it turned out that I ended up going to her house for dinner and a few drinks. I love getting to see her and it doesn't happen nearly enough. Good food and good friends, that's what life is really all about.


  1. You look hot, lady! Did you have dinner and drinks with Kashmoney? Fun! I miss when the three of us used to have wine for dinner (for, not with).

    1. Aww thanks!!!!! Yes I did have dinner with Kashmoney. I know, I miss the good old days too. Wine is my favorite for dinner.