Thursday, September 13, 2012


Well it has been over a week since I last posted. I figured I should at least post something so you know I am still alive. Things are going good. No side effects with any of my meds and I go in for monitoring tomorrow so fingers crossed that things will look good. Work has been really busy. I kind of hate it. I seriously had the thought of just packing up all my stuff and not coming back the other day. I know that I can't do that but man the urge was very strong. I think if I can get some of the backlog that was dropped in my lap taken care of things would be better. I just don't want to work all the overtime hours because believe it or not I have a life outside of work. Speaking of my life outside of work, we have had some great progress on our home renovations. We purchased new carpet for the bedrooms and that was installed this past Monday. It looks amazing!!!!
I have also been trying very hard to get healthy. I have been trying to watch what I eat and I have been working out like crazy. I am hoping that I can shed a few more pounds before we go on the cruise in October. I've gotta look good in my new bikini that the hubby just bought me.


  1. Fingers crossed for an excellent appointment! And YAY for a cruise!! How fun!! Where are you cruisin to?!?

    1. Cruise will be to St. Maarten and St. Thomas. I can't wait!!!!

  2. Yeah, yeah, the cruise and all that, but how bout your stop at my house on the way home?!?!? Hooray!!!!

  3. I know. I am so excited to come see you and the new house and of course those babies!!!!!