Friday, June 1, 2012


As I sit at work ending another week I realize that I have hit my maximum work output for the day so I have decided to do a little bloggy post for my peeps... All two of you. LOL (All you dirty lurkers please feel free to join and follow my crazy journey).
So here I am one week down, in my two week wait. In 7 days I will know the results of our IUI (maybe sooner). I am excited and nervous (I seem to get this way about a lot of things). Anyway I have been looking around the message board and talking to some of my friends who have been lucky enough to get a BFP trying to find out when I might be able to see a realistic BFP of my own (of course I know that is only if this IUI worked and deep in my heart I feel like it did)........:::Enters crazy me::: On Wednesday night which was 5DPO, I POAS to see if the trigger was gone. Well it was, no sign of a second line. So now that means that if I see a second line it is for real. So again back to wondering when would I see a 2nd line??? One of the earliest 2nd line sighting was from my dear friend Katie read her blog post about it here. So does her post mean I should start peeing on sticks tomorrow????
That's crazy, right??? If your out there please talk me off the ledge.

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  1. Remember I have 2 in there! My betas weren't thru the roof, but they WERE high. I am crazy and peed on like 57 sticks that cycle though. Bad influence, table for one! Love you!