Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Early Start

My monitoring appointments are always so early. If you know me by now, you know I am not really a morning person. I make an exception to this whole morning person thing on days that I need to go to the RE. I get up an hour before my normal alarm time in order to get there for the first appointment so that I can get in and out quickly and then to work and maybe even get a few extra minutes on the clock (gotta love OT). Anyway, The monitoring appointment is done. She measured 6 follies total. 3 on left and 3 on right. I have one at 24mm and another at 18mm (both on my right) all the others are between 13-16mm. She did not give me any info about my lining so I guess that is good.
I did get caught a little off guard when the head nurse brought me back to go over my trigger instructions and said "Wow, your body just does what's it's supposed to and you are in and out". Well head nurse, if that was really the case wouldn't I be pregnant already???? I mean I get what she is saying that my body is responding well to the medication but clearly so far it is not doing what it is "SUPPOSED" to be doing.They gave me my trigger instructions and I trigger tonight provided my bloodwork comes back good. So now I just wait for Nurse D to call me and tell me all looks good. Next step IUI on Friday morning, then off on vacation for the next week.

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