Monday, April 23, 2012

This just in!!!!

Great news!!!! DH is not a carrier!!!! The test came back much faster than I had anticipated and I am so thankful for that. Words can not express how this information lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. Now we can move forward with our first medicated IUI cycle which will be Clomid+FSH+Trigger (I think). I will have more information on this as the time get closer. About 3 weeks till go time and I am so excited and nervous. I really have no idea how this whole process works but nurse D told me she would get Dr M to write up the protocol and then she would send that off to the pharmacy and they would be contacting me. From what I understand SG patients always have their meds before the cycle even begins. So then when CD1 arrives I will call and schedule an appointment for CD3 and then leave Nurse D a voicemail to tell her when my appointment is. When I go in for my CD3 appointment they will do baseline bloodwork and ultrasound and give me my calendar for my cycle.
So excited that this is happening!!!! 

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