Thursday, April 5, 2012

No more standing still, get walking!

Well since I am in the major holding patern of my cycle the 2WW, I have really tried to change things up. As I may have mentioned before I am trying to not think too much about this cycle and just letting things be. So because of this mindset I have decided that I really need to try to lose a few pounds. A little over a week ago I downloaded the app on my phone and I LOVE it!!! In 8 days I lost 2lbs. I figure I can keep focusing on eating better and trying to work out and losing a few pounds so that way I am really ready for the weight gain that pregnancy will bring (when that day comes).

So since I am a little over a week into my new found lifestyle of counting calories it is a perfect time to add in another aspect. My work has just kicked off a 5 week fitness challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day. So starting today my goal is to complete this 5 week fitness challenge. I have my pedometer already attached to my hip and I plan to walk my butt off to get those steps every day. Wish me luck!

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