Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That’s why I’m a Guinness

So back when DH was in college he and a buddy went to the cafeteria for lunch. His buddy happened to be wearing a Guinness t-shirt, yep that’s right a t-shirt with one of the most amazing beers advertised on it. Well once the guys got there food and went to pay for their items the cashier said “Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you need to have it written all over your shirt”.  :::blank stare from both guys::: Once they had walked away from the cashier they laughed their asses off at the fact that the cashier thought his shirt said genius….Maybe that’s why she is a cashier and not a doctor.

Anyway, ever since DH and I met on the day of a thousand Guinness’s we have always joked around when one of us comes up with a great idea and say “That’s why I’m a Guinness”. Well today I got to tell DH how much of a Guinness I really am. I got the official call from Dr. M to go over the test results that Nurse D gave me yesterday. I guess Dr. M wanted to make sure that we were in the process of getting DH tested too. I’m already one step ahead of you Dr. M. I explained to Dr. M the timeline of when I believe the test will be back and he completely agreed with my theory. The Dr. M and I went over the possible outcomes:

1.       DH is not a carrier, proceed as planned with medicated IUI it will just have to be next cycle since we cannot get the results back in time for my April. This is the option we are hoping for.

2.       DH is a carrier, our option then becomes IVF with PGT. We have talked about it a few times and know it is a possibility. Obviously this is not the road that we are looking to travel but at least we know our options.

After I had the options from Dr. M I had to ask out of pure curiosity what the cost of the PGT is. He believes it is about $5000. As amazing as our insurance is with all of the IF treatment it will cover the cost of IVF but not of the PGT, so we would be out of pocket for that. Dr. M then said we could go ahead and appeal the insurance company since it would become a medical necessity issue. Hoping that we don’t have to cross that bridge but at least we know that we have some options.  So once I explained all of this conversation to DH, I told him “I think Dr. M was really impressed by my knowledge” to which we both responded “That’s because I’m a Guinness”.   

 Now we wait for DH’s genetic test kit to arrive tomorrow. Hurry up and wait!

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