Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update

On Friday around 3:00pm I heard those amazing words from my boss "We should call it a day". YES!!!! That is the best thing I have heard all day. So I rolled out of work early which was great because it meant that I got to spend some time with DH who was already home for the day. We were able to get the grass cut again (3rd time already this year) and some other yard work out of the way since the weather was not going to be yard working weather all weekend. After our yard work adventures we got cleaned up to head to an event for Sam B. (he is a Lt. in the Fire Department who suffered a stroke while on duty). The event had a really good turn out and we had a great time.

Saturday morning we both got to sleep in. YEAH!!! This is the first time in months that we have both been able to sleep in together. We didn't even wake up untill 10:00am and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!! We lounged around the house untill we had to head up to the FH to help set up for the wine pairing event. We helped with the set up for a few hours then we ran to the outlets to get some new outfits for the night. I got some leggings to wear with a top that I had borrowed froma friend and DH got an entire new outfit. He looked so good!!! The event was such a blast, great people (even though some of my friends couldn't make it), great food and lots of wine. The night was a blast up untill I had an emotional breakdown.

SO.... it goes a little something like this. I am pretty open with a good number of my friends regarding my fertility issues, so I made the mistake of saying that this will probably be my last big drinking night before my medicated cycles begin. It is a true statement but I really had no idea how those words would affect me. After I said it, I got the typical "Don't worry everything will be fine" blah, blah, blah. Except one lady who is new to the FH circle over heard and the proceeds to tell me how she had her daughter 15 years ago from IVF thanks to SG. Well that was enough to send me into an emotional spin. Lots of crying and lots of hugs. So maybe everything happens for a reason and I now have even more of a support system of people who understand IF. It also doesn't hurt that this support system of friends is all from theEMS community and can give me shots while DH has to work, so that way I won't have to do it to my self and I won't have to drive 35 minutes to have him give them to me. Looks like it is a Win, Win situation.

Sunday after waking up with a little hangover I had to go to FD class. Thankfully it was only about 4 hours. After class I grabbed a big ol' cheeseburger from Five Guys and destroyed it then passed out for a few hours.

All in all a wonderful weekend. Now just waiting for the week to go bye quickly.

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