Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Next step

So everything with my RE was AMAZING!!!! We met with Dr. M and he went over all of our paperwork and tests and said that it looked great. He was very pleased that Dr. R had us complete most of the testing before we even walked through the door. That will help us speed up the process. So the only tests we need to complete were standard infectious disease testing for both of us, genetic testing for me, and CD3 blood work and ultrasound for me. So Dr. M turns and says so call us on CD1 and we will get you in for that CD3 stuff and I let him know that was yesterday. He got a huge grin on his face and had me come in the next day for my testing. He then turns us over to our nurse. We have our own nurse D she seems pretty cool. She went over all the stuff that Dr. M did and gave us tons of paperwork to look over. After she wrote down our plan of action she walked us over to the insurance coordinater for the office. She was very nice and told us that with our insurance we were good to go, No pre-authorizations and only a $5 co-pay each time we come in. Not to Shabby!!! The whole process felt like we purchased a car. But it was so worth it. I feel so happy and hopeful!!!

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