Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another step forward

This morning I woke up bright and early with DH so that I could go in and get my CD3 bloodwork and ultrasound knocked out. He had to go to work this morning so he did not join me. Honestly I don't think he will be joining me very often at my appointments unless he needs to be there. Not really a need for him to be there when all they are doing is taking some blood and using the vag cam. Well that is pretty much how the morning went. I arrived at 7:15am they took me back for bloodwork where they took 4 vials of blood. Then they took me to the exam room where the ultrasound tech came in and did her magic with the vag cam. When she was finished I was taken in to the nurses office where she explained to me what I needed to do next.

Next on the list is the infectious disease testing for DH and the genetic testing for me. DH is working today and picked up OT for Thursday day half so he will most likely go and have it done on Friday. Good thing he happens to be teaching at a hospital that day. As for me I should recieve the kit with the mouth swab for my genetic testing on Thursday so as soon as I get it in my possesion I will do my part and send it back as I am told it can take up to 3 weeks to process. Then we just need to wait for CD1 (again) and we can get this show on the road.

So the amazing thing about Dr. M and Nurse D is that they call me as soon as they have results. Prime example is that I had my bloodwork and ultrasound done at 7:15am this morning and I had a phone call from Dr. M at noon. And a call from Nurse D about an hour later. Both told me that everything looked great and we just needed to get those last 2 tests out of the way and then we will move forward when I start my next cycle.

Again I am so hopeful about this process. Can't wait to keep this ball rolling.

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