Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh Rotten Day!!!!

So today I feel like a total grouch! Nothing like waking up to that huge temp drop, knowing that at some point in time on this day AF will be here which will bring yet another CD1. I really am not sure how many more times I can take this. I completely understand that we are barely over the one year mark for trying but right now I am completely tried already. So as if waking up to that huge temp drop wasn't enough to keep me down all day, DH had to work his shift today and I had to spend the day entertaining my step daughter. I love my step daughter with all my heart and we always have a great time, but on a day like today I just need DH around so that I can deal with the emotions of another failed cycle. So you might be thinking at this point I am just complaining to complain, oh if only that were it. Oh it completely gets worse. I got Facebooked tonight, what does this mean??? Well it means that as I sit down to relax after dinner and a day of entertaining an 8 year old, I pick up my phone to play on FB for a few minutes and what do I see??? I see that my step daughters biological mother has given birth to her baby #3. I know that there are no limits to the number of babies that people can have or anything like that but it just hurts to see people I know having babies when I have been trying for so long and have nothing to show for. What also made me really grouchy about the entire situation is that she promised my step daughter that she would call her if she was going to the hospital to have the baby, nope no phone call, no text message or nothing. According to FB she "checked in" at the L&D around 2:00pm and the baby was born at 6:45pm, she didn't bother sending a text message until 10:00am the next morning. It just kills me to see my sweet little step daughter get so bummed out by broken promises. For all of these things make me grouchy. So today just call me Oscar the Grouch!

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