Thursday, January 12, 2012

Should I feel bad?

So here it is day 3 of some sort of coughing issue. I am not sure that I would call it a full blown cold but I do know one thing for sure is that I do not feel good. In a normal not so crazy world I would just pop some Nyquil or Dayquil and just go about my day as normal........but here I sit in the crazy tree of another 2WW wondering. I wonder if I should take the medicine because IF I was pregnant I wouldn't take it but since I'm not sure and wont know for at least another week how this cycle went it seems like it might be okay to take it. When we first started TTC (over a year ago) there were a number of things that I would not do while I was in the 2WW, like drink alcohol or take medicines other than PNV. Now all of a sudden, ever since we past that not so magical one year mark of trying I am starting to have more of a F-it attitude. I am starting to think that trying to be healthy and not drink or take certain medicines that might make me feel better all becasue I "might" be pregnant really isn't worth it. I am starting to feel like I just would rather feel better and be happy then be pregnant. I mean please don't get me wrong I want a baby more than anything, but right now I just want to feel better. I know I could go out and buy medicine that is "safe" to take while you are pregnant but I already have this stuff on hand. I know completely lazy, but like I said F-it. Please don't judge too hard.

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