Friday, June 28, 2013

MFM update

Today I had a MFM appointment. It was for a growth ultrasound to see how little girl was growing and to check back in on the cyst I have camped out on the placenta. Well baby girl is getting big!!! 2lbs 4oz already!!! She looks excellent!!! And as for that cyst, well you can't even tell it was there. So both are great things!! The only bittersweet moment was that because everything looks so good the MFM said he no longer needs to see me. So that means I most likely won't get to see our little girl until her birthday. I guess that's only 12 weeks away so it's not so bad. Here are a couple of pics of my little girl.

Next up is my 1 hour Glucose Tolerance Test on Monday. I really hope I pass!!!

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