Thursday, June 6, 2013

24 weeks

It's viability day!!!! I have reached 24 weeks and we are at the point that if I have the baby, Drs will do everything possible to make sure she lives. Of course she needs to stay inside me for a lot longer. Like until September!!! 
Anyway things are going great! We are trucking right along. Last week I had an OB check up and at that point I had gained a total of 18lbs and the Dr told me to try to keep an eye on it because they only liked to see between 25-35lbs total. I have kicked up my working out, even though I was already hitting the gym 3 or 4 nights a week. I am trying to walk longer than the 30 minutes I was doing and of course I am trying to do it more often. 
We also did our registry!!! I was so excited about that!!! The hubby and I had a Saturday date night at Babies R Us and selected all the stuff we will need for Baby C. The only thing that we didn't find there while registering was the bedding set we selected. So we registered at Buy,buy baby just for that. 
We are starting to make good progress on the kitchen renovation which is always great news. We might even get the floor evened out before the end of the month like we had hoped for. Which would mean we can start to lay the wood flooring next moth and hopefully get the walls up for bedroom 3, which would put us one step closer to starting the nursery!!!
Before I go for today I should leave you with my 24 week bump picture.

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    HAPPY V DAY!!!!!!!!