Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend update

Had another great weekend. Friday was the company Christmas party which is always an interesting event. It is an employee only function and this year they had an ugly sweater contest. Sorry no pictures but you can only imagine the ugliness. Tacky might actually be the word. Lots of lights flashing and some even played music. Wowzers! These people have too much time and way too much room in their closets for junk.
Anyway, Saturday we went to St. Michaels for the Christmas parade and to walk around the town. It is such a cute little place. If you are ever in the area you should go and check it out. That afternoon we went tree hunting. We were looking for a very special tree this year since it needed to be tall and skinny since we don't have a lot of room for it if we intend on having 14 people over for Christmas dinner. As you can see the hubby and stepdaughter are in front of the tree we selected. Ugly I know!! But after we cut it down and then removed the bottom 4 feet of the tree we ended up with a perfect tree. As you can see the finished product, I think we did a great job decorating it.

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