Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little freak out

This morning I get an automated phone call from the OBGYN office reminding me that I need to come in for my annual check up. I am supposed to start Lupron in 4 days. Then I remember reading somewhere in my packet of paperwork that all cycle will be canceled if all testing is not complete by a certain date. Then my panic sets in that Christmas is only 2 weeks away and the offices won't be open like I need them to be. Oh and not to mention that I should be getting my period sometime next week. Ugh!!! Why me???
Anyway after a quick call to Nurse D she reassured me that even if I don't get my pap done right away they will not cancel this cycle. ::::wipes sweat from my brows:::: then I contact the OBGYN and was able to get in on the 18th. Now lets just hope that AF doesn't show up before that date. Nurse D told me to expect it around the 20th so let's hope she knows her stuff.

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