Friday, December 14, 2012

Gift under the tree

So when I got home Tuesday from work there ways a box sitting at my back door. Woohoo all my meds for IVF#2 have arrived. I felt like a kid on Christmas, all I wanted to do was open that box and check it out. I headed in to the living room and to my surprise I noticed that my tree had face planted. All that hard work to make the tree look pretty for nothing. I was so worried because the hubby and I have always purchased an ornament to remember every vacation we have been on, I didn't want any of those to be broken because there would be no way to replace them. I knew that the tree clean up would be a two person project and since the hubby wouldn't be home until late I dug into my box full of meds. Turns out that my dosages will be lower this time around so there wasn't as much as last time. I put all the meds away and now I wait until Saturday to start the Lupron.
All is well with the tree now. It's back to it's upright position and looking as beautiful as before with only a few casualties but luckily none of the vacation ornaments.

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  1. Yay for meds!! and Sunday! That's so close!! & your poor tree!!! Have a great weekend!!