Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I've been thinking about you

Well it's Tuesday and there really isn't a whole lot going on. I really have tried to take a break for the crazy world of TTC and not think too much about it. So the thermometer has not come out of it's case in almost 2 weeks. I have not been POAS to see if I can see a LH surge or any of that crazy stuff. I also have not been planning our sex life around hubby's work schedule. If he is home and we feel like it then great, none of this hurry home for 10 minutes between his shift and me going into work. It actually has been really nice. I don't feel as crazy. I have been working on taking more classes for the Firehouse and I also have been working on trying to get a little haelthier. This week my goal is to work out 5 out of 7 days. So far this week I am 2 for 2 and I hope to keep things going on this path. I have been eating better (well we can't count the Saturday dinner at Fogo de Chao), so since Sunday I have turned over a new leaf. Or at least I am trying to do so. But there is one thing that I can't stop thinking about........

Pizza Hut and your $10 dinner box. I want to eat you!!!!!! So, since you have been on my mind for weeks now you will be mine for dinner. The hubby and I will go and workout at the Firehouse and then after we workout we will order you and eat you and you will be delish!!! Then it will be back to studying for my EVOC test. My plan is to test tomorrow. We will see how that goes.

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