Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I did it!!!!

You might be wondering what it is I did?????? Well here it goes. I had the $10 pizza box from Pizza Hut, and man was it AMAZING!!!! Well the pizza part was but the whole experience was a different story, so here it goes.

It was another Tuesday night where DH and I spent some time up at the Firehouse. We both had some studying to do for our classes that we are taking so we figured we would go up there and study (since DH was doing a group study). Anyway DH decided to be the nice guy and ask around who wanted pizza and basically everyone that was there wanted in. So DH gets on the computer and places an order for 4 - $10 boxes and 2 salads for a pick up time of 7:10pm. We leave the FH and drive over to the Hut to get our pizzas. When we arrive we find out that they never recieved our order. UGH!!!! So we had to place our order and then wait 30 minutes while they made it. That pretty much sucked but wait there is more. As we are placing the order the worker tells us that they do not have any of the sauce for the cinna sticks. WHAT???? No cinna stick sauce???? UGH!!!! So because of our troubles they gave us $10 off our order. All and all not a bad deal but what a pain. Our lesson learned for the night: Do not place pizza orders online.

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