Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Progress on the Kitchen

Well me are making baby steps. We should be making adult steps before the little one arrives but there just isn't enough time in the day nor enough money in our bank accounts to make things happen at the speed we would like. We finally have all the electrical work done and the drywall for the ceiling has been hung.
 The hubby has been working lots of overtime to get extra money for the project so the progress on the kitchen has slowed a little bit. You know what they say about home improvement projects, you either have the time or the money, not both. Oh so true!!! Last night I cleared off all the glasses and stuff we had on top of the current kitchen cabinets. Today hubby is home hanging more drywall (this time on the walls) and hopefully putting in the new window. We need that to all be completed before we leave for vacation on Saturday as we will have a contractor come in to do the finish work on the drywall (tape and mud). Then once we are back from vacation we can try to tackle the next phase which will be the floors. Wish us luck!!!!

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