Friday, July 26, 2013

31 weeks

Where is the time going???? I seriously can't believe that we are in the home stretch. 8 weeks till my sweet baby girl is here. It's starting to get real!!!! 
As I'm sure I mentioned in my previous post I passed the 3 hour glucose test!!! Thank goodness!!!! I had an OB appointment this week and everything is moving along like it should. Baby's heart rate was perfect at 133, my belly was measuring right at 31 weeks and well my total weight gain is about 30lbs. I have scheduled all of my remaining OB appointments which is awesome!! Something else that is awesome is I ordered my breast pump today. My insurance covers it at 100% so that makes me a happy girl. Apparently is should be shipping out in the next week or so. My baby shower is 1 week away and I seriously can't wait!!! We have been waiting to purchase things for the baby until after the shower so I really can't wait for the shower to be here already so we can start to put stuff together for the baby. 
Well that's about all that is going on these days. Here is my 31 week bump picture. 

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  1. You are looking great! Glad everything is going well and your shower is so soon- how exciting!