Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Graduation Day

Today was such a wonderful day. I was finally able to graduate from My RE. I am 9w5d and baby B was measuring right on track. Unfortunately there was not much growth with baby A since last time. I have been cleared to go and see my OB ( which I have an appointment already scheduled for next week) and I was also referred to a MFM for my first trimester combined screening. I was able to get my MFM appointment for the week after my OB appointment. If things pan out the way it seems like they are I will get to see my little one 3 weeks in a row. So exciting!!!! Also exciting is that I haven't gained any weight yet. I was a little over weight before getting pregnant and the fact that I am almost a quarter of the way through this pregnancy is great news. I am feeling great and haven't had any morning sickness issues lately. I am just so happy to say that I am pregnant and I love it!!! Here is a pic of the little one from today. The picture is a little blurry because the little one was dancing all over the place in there. I think baby was excited to graduate too.

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