Monday, November 5, 2012

What a crazy week!!

Stims started on Saturday night and my first monitoring appointment was supposed to be Tuesday morning but Sandy had different plans. You may ask who is this Sandy I speak of??? Well she was the hurricane that came through our area Monday night into Tuesday morning. On Sunday my RE's office called me to tell me that the office would be closed on Tuesday so I would need to wait until Wednesday to come in for monitoring. Wednesday rolled around and I went in for my first monitoring and everyone was amazed at how well I was responding. I already had a few follicles I've 14mm so I was told I would be adding Ganirelix to my shots that night, I was also told to increase my Menopur to 2 vials and leave the Gonal F the same at 187.5iu. So the Ganirelix was just as easy as the other shots the only trick was that for the first dose I did it at night with my other shots and then I had to do the second dose the next morning and then continue with it in the morning and my other meds in the evening until the day I am told to trigger. I was told to come back in Friday for monitoring to see how things were going, this is when things got crazy!!!! I was told that they wanted me to trigger that night except the problem with that was the hubby had been activated with his task force to go and help the people of Western Maryland recover for Sandy. Dr. M and Nurse B both calmed me down and told me that we would turn the meds back a little, have me come in on Saturday morning and then most likely trigger on Saturday night for Egg Retrieval on Monday since hubby should be home by then.
Saturday's monitoring went well and it appeared that we had a dozen follicles on the right and about half that on the left. My E2 levels were up to 1789 for 1041 on Friday. I was given my trigger instructions and told to trigger at 1:30am. This is when I realized what amazing staff there was at my RE's office. Nurse B offered to do my trigger shot at her house that night since the hubby was still away and I had no one else to do it for me. She only lives about 5 miles away from me so I had a late night rendezvous at her house and she did my shot. I am so thankful for her and her willingness to go far above the call of duty.
Hubby got home on Sunday afternoon and we went out for a delish steak dinner. Yummy!!!!

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