Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fert Report Part 1

So this afternoon I got the call from Dr. M. He was amazed that we got 27 eggs, he was pleased that 23 of those were mature eggs, he was thrilled that my hubby's sperm count was 16 million post wash and 99% were moving. Then it was like a gut punch when he told me that only 1 fertilized. WHAT????? So at that point I lost my shit on Dr. M and asked him about ICSI and he told me that since we had already introduced sperm that we couldn't try it. I was really confused because all of the consent paperwork that we signed said that they would use ICSI as a recovery resort. Dr. M then told me that he was going to walk over to the lab and find out what was going on. He called me back 15 minutes later and said that they were able to ICSI 12 and now we need to wait until tomorrow to find out if any of those fertilize. So as of right now I only have 1 confirmed rock star and the hopes of a few more tomorrow.
Here's hoping that tomorrow is better than today!


  1. I'm sorry today was so stressful for you. FX everything works out for you and more of those eggs fertilize and you get a great fert report tomorrow!

  2. I am so sorry and shocked with your lab, you should definitely discuss this with the RE... But I am sending you all the sticky vibes I can AND crossing every bendy part in my body for you and the other 12!!