Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fert Report Part 2

This morning I got the call from Nurse D. I was a little in shock that she was calling me since she has been out of the office for pretty much my entire cycle since her father is dying, but it was nice to hear her voice. She told me that as of today we have 3 around 1 cell and 1 with no change from yesterday. I was very confused by what this meant and asked her to explain. She said that she believes that the 1 unchanged from yesterday is my rockstar, she said that it is very possible that it still is with us and that it just hadn't changed since the last report. She said that the other 3 were the ones that we were able to rescue with the ICSI. She said that she would give me a call back tomorrow to give me another update on my rockstar and groupies and that she would be giving me my transfer time for Friday.

I tried asking her some more of the questions that I had put together  but they are questions that would be better answered by Dr. M. She tried to get me to make an appointment to come in to talk to him about that but I really feel like we could do this over the phone much faster, so I asked her to send him an email and have him call me back. I am still waiting for a return phone call and I hope I hear from him soon. The most pressing questions I have for him at this point are:
  1. Are there any tests that can be done on the eggs that diid not fertilize to find out why they didn't?
  2. When we spoke yesterday you had mentioned something about a possible auto-immune issue, is there testing for this that we can get done now so that if we have to move on to another cycle we are already ready?
  3. If this cycle does not work with I be put back on birth control?
  4. Will we do the same protocol except ICSI won't be a rescue technique it will be the primary technique?
I am sure there will be much more to talk about, the longer it takes him to call me back the more things pop in my mind and I wonder should I ask him if this is an issue or is that an issue. (I know I should stay away from Dr. Google, but it is just so hard).

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