Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm back

Well after another vaction, this time to Hilton Head, SC I'm back. We had a great time while on vaction. Lots of beach time and lots of great food, both things that I love. The only down side of the vacation was starting my period the day we had to leave. What a double whammy!! Having to end vacation and start a new cycle in the same day, it just doesn't seem fair. So this means that we are on to start IUI#3. We are doing the exact same protocol as the first 2......because apparently my body responds so well. Right?? I would think if it was responding so well I would be pregnant by now :::sigh::: Anyway I went in for my CD3 appointment and we are a go. So tonight I will start the Clomid for 5 days and then I get a day off, then a shot of Bravell and then back in to see what's going on in the ovaries. If all goes as it has the past 2 cycles we are looking at IUI#3 on 7/23.
I spoke with the head nurse today and she and I thought it was a good idea to get on the schedule to have another consult with Dr. M about where we go next (IVF) since we are on the 3rd cycle and that is how many we initally spoke about doing before moving on. I am glad I had the conversation with her since Dr. M's next available appointment isn't until August 22nd. They have put on the wait list so if I can get in before that we will try to do that. Ideally I would like to see him before the first week of August so that we can hopefully roll right into the IVF cycle if we need to. I am still hoping that we won't need to and that IUI#3 will work but I need that back up plan just in case.

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