Wednesday, August 22, 2012

IVF Consult

The time came that went in for our IVF consult. Not a whole lot happened. I mean I am not even sure if this is update worthy but I will go ahead and let you know what we know.

Dr. M sat us down in his office and explained the process BCP, then a mock transfer, then start stims for about 10-15 days, Egg retrieval, and then 3-5 days after that is Embryo Transfer. All things I pretty much expected. We didn't really discuss the meds that I would be on or anything like that. Dr. M really feels like this last IUI had to work and that was the thing that sealed the deal and I will be pregnant. If only it were that easy Dr. M...... We met with Nurse D and signed all of the IVF paperwork just so that we could get it out of the way. The one thing that hubby was unsure on before this meeting was if we should freeze and embryos that we may have left over, I was all for it since it would mean I wouldn't have to go through the entire process again if it doesn't work or if we decide we want to add more to our family. After talking with Dr. M the hubby realized that this would be a great idea, unfortunately that is the only thing our insurance does not cover. So I have set aside enough money in my Flex Spending account to cover this if we need to use it. I am not worried about losing any money that goes into my Flex account since I wear glasses and contacts and can always buy new ones if the end of the plan year approaches and I haven't used the amount that is in there.

While Dr. M explained the timeline to us for the IVF cycle we mentioned to him about our upcoming vacation in the first week of October. We all came to the conclusion that we should do 1 more IUI if needed before we go on the cruise and then if neither of the IUI's work then I will start on the BCP in the begining of October and then we go from there.

Here's to hoping that Dr. M is right and this IUI works. Come on Sept 4th please bring me an early birthday present.

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