Monday, August 20, 2012

Another one in the books

Another IUI complete. Yep put it in the books. It wasn't my normal RE, it was his partner. I don't care for this RE as much as mine but hey, he knows how to do the job too. So first thing out of his mouth was "You have 3 very mature follicles. Are you sure that you are ready to possibly have twins?" I told him that of course I would be ready for it ( I may have to to take lessons for K&J my friends who just had twins). Anyway then we got into the housekeeping of the appointment, making sure it was my hubby's sample and what not. Anyway the RE seemed happy with the numbers but I was a little disappointed since this was the lowest post wash count that hubby has ever had. It was 5.1 million and I know it only takes one, but it is such a difference from our first IUI with 17.6 million post wash. Oh well! There is nothing I can do except wait for the 4th of September. That is Beta day and that is when we find out if this worked. Keeping my fingers crossed. Any good vibes you can spare please send them my way. I need all the help I can get. Thanks!


  1. Sending many prayers! I have a feeling September will be a great month!

  2. Fingers crossed. The waiting absolutely sucks. :(